Why Choose Us!


Our outstanding operations team delivers nothing short of operational excellence 24/7.

There are four (4) significant reasons that justify selection of Diaplous Nigeria to provide for your Ship Agency needs.

  • - Diaplous Nigeria has over 35 years’ experience representing vessels calling the Ports of Nigeria. We have successfully provided Port Agency Services for square-rigged sailing ships of the past – to the more modern passenger, freight/bulk, tanker, heavy-lift and military vessels of today.
  • - Diaplous Nigeria prides itself in providing the utmost in professional service to our clients – where one phone call yields immediate answers to your queries! We will ensure constant lines of communications are maintained with all concerned parties to guarantee the success of each vessel port call.
  • - All customer needs and expectations are identified, reviewed and satisfied
  • - Diaplous Nigeria fully realizes the critical nature and logistical needs that your vessels require in making a port call – understanding the importance of what a close liaison means in coordinating with local private businesses, regulatory agencies and port authorities.
  • - Diaplous Nigeria has a proven track record of providing quality service to our clients within the Maritime Industry in support of both a cost effective and efficient port of call.

Our clients constantly commend us on the proactive, informative, helpful and diligent management of operations.

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