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UNARMED - Maritime Security Liaison Officers

UNARMED - Maritime Security Liaison Officers

As a part of full-fledged maritime security in Nigeria, Diaplous houses some of the most talented Maritime Security Liaison Officers to enhance security features of your crews and ship. Through comprehensive consultation, we make sure everything is on schedule. We deploy the Hellenic Nationals who are rigorously trained for GoG operations. Besides, they have vast experience operating in the Indian Ocean’s High Risk Areas. Moreover, we train our MSLOs regarding Diaplous’s SOPs and ensure they are followed without fail.

Diaplous Nigeria is your one-stop maritime security company offering full-scale asset maritime security services to local and global businesses. Be it in the water or even inland, we keep you and your crews safe at any cost. As a part of full-fledged maritime security in Nigeria, Diaplous Nigeria deploys unarmed MSLO’s to serve as security consultants on our clients’ vessels. Our MSLO’s are Hellenic Nationals specially trained for GoG Operations and with vast experience in the HRA of the IO.

Asset Maritime Security Services Nigeria

We also deploy Nigerian MSLO’s who are retired Nigerian Navy Officers that have been specifically trained on Diaplous SOP’s. As the most reliable maritime security company in Nigeria, we ensure our MSLOs have the necessary training and certifications including SSO, ISPS, CSO, PFSO, and Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET).

All of our Maritime Security Liaison Officers are capable of briefing and supervising crews of local regulation. They will also respond to any emergencies to ensure full compliance with the port authority and other security forces. Besides, the trained MSLOs of Diaplous Nigeria have essential experience in security services maritime, making them the best professionals to rely on during your stay and passage through high-risk areas.

As an essential duty, our officers will prepare schedules for your vessels and coordinate accordingly to ensure smooth operation. They will attain success even in the harshest condition and motivate the staff to ensure complete liaison with the port and security regulatory authorities. However, we have a good relationship with the local governing bodies and this helps us to help our clients get the benefits without any hassle.

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