Husbandry Agency Services (HAS) & Owners' Protective Agency (OPA)

Call at any port on the Nigeria and know you will be represented by experienced vessel agents and hub agents. Diaplous Nigeria, offers complete services to ship owners, managers, operators, and their charters.

Quite often, vessels calling ports require more services than just general port services. Diaplous Nigeria offers in-house Husbandry Agency Services to meet the needs of owners of vessels while their ships call the ports we serve. With a wide range of husbandry services offered, owners can rest assured that their ship, crew and business are in great hands. We are very experienced in dealing with the entire spectrum of owners matters, whatever it may entail. The guarantee of excellent representation continues to be among our top priorities with our principals. Owners have peace of mind knowing that any challenge which suddenly arises while in port will be met by our professional personnel with outstanding satisfactory results.

ROAD 3, 30B,

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