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ARMED - Navy Teams

ARMED - Navy Teams

Working in tandem with the Nigerian Navy, Diaplous Maritime Services Nigeria deploys armed teams to embark on client’s vessels and provide security for the duration of the vessels’ stay in Nigeria.

We have liaisons with the Nigerian security forces— making us the most reliable armed maritime security company in Nigeria. Our teams of highly skilled and professionally trained armed forces ensure your vessel is safe from any threats. These teams are 4 - 8 man strong, depending on the area of operations. So, it does not matter how enormous your vessel is, we have the arrangement to offer full-fledged protection while it crosses the Nigerian water.

Diaplous is the leading armed maritime security company in Nigeria armed maritime security company in Nigeria. With a long history of working in liaison with the Nigerian Navy, it offers full-fledged vessel escort and security solutions to ships and water vessels. If you want uncompromised security services during your stay in Nigeria, you cannot afford to miss the chance at the reliability that Diaplous offers. The security team consists of multiple trained Nigerian Navy personnel and can be expanded/shrieked based on your needs.

Maritime Security Services Nigeria

Whether you are looking for a reliable maritime security company with high-speed patrol boats or sophisticated escort services with ballistic equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our security vessel fleets are equipped with high-speed Damen FCS 3307 Patrol Boats and can be deployed with short notice given. Besides, having trained Navy personnel in our team, rest assured you will be assisted whenever you need it in the most tactful way. This has been the most successful security feature we have provided our clients with as the ability to deploy armed maritime security forces within a short time saves our clients from any unfortunate situations.

Besides, having versatile security vessels in our fleet, we are capable of working in any harsh environment. The ocean is too rough and the risk is greater? No problem. Our seasoned navy personnel will escort you no matter what. We do it out of professionalism as we are vowed to keep you secure. Irrespective of industrial categories, we serve all. So, do not hesitate to contact our maritime security specialists if the safe passage is your main concern.

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