K9 Stowaway Search

ARMED - K9 Stowaway Search

ARMED - K9 stowaway search

Diaplous is a specialised name in the K9 stowaway search service on vessels of sorts. If your ship has completed cargo operations and at berths, checking for any stowaways before you sail is recommended. As illegal immigrant seekers at large in recent years, searching throughout the ship’s may hide spots will keep you safe from any unwanted situations and legal issues.

We have a highly trained K9 stowaway search team paired with skilled Nigerian Mobile Police Men (Armed) and specialised dogs. Following ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) concerns of the Nigerian ports, our service is compliant to any international standards. Diaplous Nigeria provides K9 stowaway search service on vessels at berths that have completed cargo operations and are ready to sail. Our highly trained canines (K9) and their handlers are escorted by Nigerian Mobile Police teams (Armed) who rapidly respond to any findings.

Following ISPS concerns for Nigerian Ports, this service complies with all international standards. Over the past years, we have helped our clients prevent illegal entries by searching suspected stowaways in the vessels. As the number of stowaways is at large, it is necessary to keep your ships away from them. Most of the stowaways take the opportunity to illegally enter different European and other countries by hiding themselves in many of the hard-to-reach spots of the ships. And it is almost impossible to locate them if you are not a specialist.

Highly-Trained Stowaway Search Team

Our trained K9 buddies will look into every inch of your vessel and locate any suspected stowaway successfully. No matter where they hide, we will find them at any cost. Equipped with advanced technology and specially trained K9 canine, our staff ensures your ship onboards none but the crews listed.

Diaplous Nigeria has a long history of providing first-class maritime security solutions to local as well as global clients. With sophisticated armed crews and Navy personnel, we bring prosperity to our clients’ businesses. From security escort services, port authority liaison, and logistic support to K9 stowaway search, we ensure excellence at every step.

If you are looking for the most skilled maritime security company at the most affordable price, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our ocean security specialists will help you transit through high-risk GOG band areas ensuring the safety of your vessel and crews. With modern equipment and versatile patrol boats, our armed forces will deter any threat effectively. And before you leave the berth, our K9 stowaway search service is there to detect any unwanted and illegal onboarding.

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