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DIAPLOUS Is A Leading Private Maritime logistics Support Company (PMLSC)

DIAPLOUS Maritime Services Nigeria is a leading maritime logistics support company (PMLSC), delivering first-class services to an ever-expanding portfolio of multi-national shipping companies, including some of the largest oil majors.
Diaplous Maritime Services Nigeria was established in 2016 and since then has experienced immense growth, broadening and multiplying its client base, as well as amassing a wealth of invaluable operational experience.
The Company’s mission is to provide professional maritime services that exceeds best industry practise and leaves every client desiring to maintain a long term relationship with us. We provide unarmed and armed services within the High-Risk Areas (HRAs) of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Border and Territorial Waters of Nigeria/Gulf of Guinea.
Through our office in Lagos and forward operating base's in Port Harcourt, DIAPLOUS Maritime Services Nigeria works closely with Government Security Forces and Agencies bringing a fully compliant service to its clients. All mandates are completed in line with national legislation. We aim to safeguard the interests of our clients by mitigating risks from maritime criminals, piracy attacks and any form of disruption to the normal flow of business.

DIAPLOUS Maritime Services Nigeria offers

  • - Armed Security Escort Vessels
  • - Armed Government Security Forces Teams
  • - Maritime Security Liaison Officers
  • - K9 Stowaway Search Services
  • - Safe Journey Management
  • - Port and protective agency services
  • - Freight Forwarding
  • - Chandelling

Through a wide and tested network, we also provide area/task specific intelligence and ports/terminals risk assessments.
Everything we do, is guided by our core values: Safety, Quality and Trust.
The company aims to continually improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of its Integrated Management System (IMS) through regular evaluation of its objectives via the Management Review procedure. This ensures the we continue to achieve goals, taking into account a number of parameters which include the Company’s performance, incidents reports, training needs and customers’ evaluation.

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